CAP 28 - Art Poll 3

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Amamama's design is one of the coolest I've seen in a CAP in ages. Love it, and love the concept.
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We have the technology.
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Hey, everyone. The CAP Voting subforum is relatively new to the Create-A-Pokemon Project. Everything has been smooth sailing up until this point. You may be looking through the posts in this thread and realize that several votes are "missing" from the ballot. This is because two moderators simultaneously approved all vote posts, which caused a glitch in which posts are currently visible. It was an honest mistake, but one that will skew the results if you counted up all of the votes manually here. The CAP Moderator Team apologizes for the mix-up; this is not something that will happen again.

Thankfully, we are still comfortable with posting the actual results from before the glitch occurred. The moderators were already discussing the results before the votes were approved (but after the poll was closed), meaning we had the results before the votes were manually approved. We had only discovered the missing votes when we went to post the final results. The results I'm posting below are those results, which include the missing votes in the rankings. The results are as intended; no votes were missed in this count.

Furthermore, several moderators were able to go back and pull the HTML from this thread from before the votes were approved. Once of the moderators (Dogfish44) has graciously converted that HTML into a PDF that can be viewed publicly here. This is all for the sake of transparency. Feel free to use this PDF to double check our results. The CAP Moderator team feels 100% confident that we have the correct results for this poll; if we weren't, we wouldn't share the results with you now. Thank you all again for your patience and understanding.

With that all being said... here are your results!

Custom Poll

Ballots: 152
Preferences: 601
Defeat by: Winning votes
Tiebreaker: Borda Count

[Pair#01] Golurkyourself (93—53) Amamama
[Pair#02] Golurkyourself (87—52) BlorengeRhymes
[Pair#03] Golurkyourself (82—57) Shadowshocker
[Pair#04] Quanyails (80—64) Shadowshocker
[Pair#05] Golurkyourself (79—66) Quanyails
[Pair#06] Quanyails (77—64) BlorengeRhymes
[Pair#07] Quanyails (76—67) Amamama
[Pair#08] Shadowshocker (73—69) Amamama
[Pair#09] BlorengeRhymes (69—69) Shadowshocker  ——> CANCELLED (tie)
[Pair#10] BlorengeRhymes (62—61) Amamama

The top voting cycle is Golurkyourself.

Golurkyourself > [Quanyails][Shadowshocker][BlorengeRhymes][Amamama]
Quanyails > [Amamama][BlorengeRhymes][Shadowshocker]
BlorengeRhymes > [Amamama]
Shadowshocker > [Amamama]
Amamama > []

[Tiebreak#1] Shadowshocker=263 > BlorengeRhymes=247

1. Golurkyourself
2. Quanyails
3. Shadowshocker
4. BlorengeRhymes
5. Amamama
Top 2 will be moving on to the final poll. Stay tuned for an epic conclusion!
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Modedit: Fixing spelling of "BlorengeRhymes".
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